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Deployment of Women Peacekeepers in the United Nations Interim Security Force, Abyei (UNISFA)

  1. India is set to deploy a platoon of Women Peacekeepers in Abyei as part of the Indian Battalion in the United Nations Interim Security Force, Abyei (UNISFA) on 06 January 2023. This will be India’s largest single unit of women Peacekeepers in a UN Mission since we deployed the first-ever all women’s  contingent in Liberia in 2007.  It will also herald India’s intent of increasing significantly the number of Indian women in Peacekeeping contingents.
  1. The Indian contingent, comprising of two officers and 25 Other Ranks, will form part of an Engagement platoon and specialize in Community outreach, though they will be performing extensive security related tasks as well. Their presence will be especially welcome in Abyei, where a recent spurt in violence has triggered a spate of challenging humanitarian concerns for women and children  in the conflict zone.
  1. Women Peacekeepers are highly regarded in Peacekeeping Missions throughout the world for their ability to reach out and connect with women and children in local populations, especially victims of sexual violence  in conflict zones. Indian women particularly have a rich tradition in Peacekeeping. Dr Kiran Bedi, UN’s first Police Adviser, Major Suman Gawani and Ms Shakti Devi have made a mark for themselves in UN Peacekeeping.  Our teams in the Congo and South Sudan have also done sterling work in mainstreaming women and children into Community and Social developmental projects at the grassroots level.


05 January, 2023